Passover Menu Deli Hours
2015 Passover Menu
Join us at Lots of Lox for a traditional Passover Dinner 
Friday April 3rd, 5-9pm
Just $24.95/Per Person (Dine in or Take Out)

Entree (Choice of One)
Hot Turkey, Roasted Chicken or Brisket of Beef

Appetizer (Choice of One)
Gefilte Fish w/carrots or Chopped Liver

Accompaniments (Choice of Two)
Steamed Broccoli, Tzimmis or Potato Kugel

Matzo Ball Soup

Traditional Matzo

A Glass of Wine*, Iced Tea or Fountain Soda (*wine not included for takeout) 

Passover Catering Package
(10 People Minimum)
Choice Of One Of The Below

10-12 LB. Roasted Turkey W/Stuffing
5 Roasted Chickens
4 LBS. Tender Baked Brisket of Beef

Traditional Appetizer
(Choice of One)
10 Pieces of Gefilte Fish w/Carrots
3 LBS. Chopped Liver

(Choice of One)
4 Quarts Matzoh Ball Soup
4 Quarts of Vegetable Soup

(Choice of Two)
Potato Latkes
Steamed Broccoli
Potato Kugel

A La Carte Menu
Whole Roasted Turkey w/Gravy $5.79/Lb. 
Whole Roasted Turkey Stuffed w/Gravy $6.79/Lb. 
Kosher Turkey $8.49/Lb.
Brisket $18.00/Lb.
Whole Roasted Chickens $10.95/Lb. (add $10 for carving)

Gefilte Fish (1g) $3.75/ea.
Chopped Liver $11.95 Lb.

Potato Kugel $8.95/Lb.
Tzimmis $8.50/Lb.
Potato Latkes $1.50/ea.
Steamed Broccoli $8.95/Lb.
Matzoh Stuffing $8.50 Lb.

Matzoh Ball (no noodles) $9.95/Qt.
Matzoh Balls $.95/ea.
Vegetable $8.95/Qt.

White or Red Horseradish $.95 1/4Lb.
Applesauce $1.25 1/4Lb.
Sour Cream $1.25 1/4Lb.
Gravy $4.00 Pt.

Honey Nut Cake, Marble Cake, Assorted Jelly Rolls, Raspberry Sponge Cake (please order in advance), Plain Sponge Cake, Assorted Macaroons, Chocolate Matzoh, Assorted Matzoh, Assorted Candies, Marshmellow Twist, Jelly Graham, Jelly Candy, Chocolates-Lollipops, Chocolate Soldiers


Mon - Fri: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm


Map & Directions

14995 S. Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL 33176