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Complete Turkey Dinner
(Serves 10-12 People)
Whole 14-16lb Roasted Turkey
1qt. Turkey Gravy
4 lbs. Traditional Stuffing
6 lbs. Homemade Mashed Potatoes
3 lbs. String Bean Casserole
4 lbs. Sweet Potato Casserole
1 qt. Cranberry Compote
1 Dozen Dinner Roles
$209.95 + Tax
($15.00 Extra for Carved Turkey)
Larger Turkeys Available @ $6.95 per lb.

By The Pound
Homemade Roasted Turkey..........$6.95/lb.
Homemade Roasted Chicken...........$5.95/lb.
Homemade Roasted Boneless Turkey....$18.95/lb.
Includes Homemade Stuffing & Gravy
($15.00 Extra for Carved Turkey)
Garden Vegetables & More
Homemade Mashed Potatoes $6.98/lb.
Rosemary Roasted Baby Red Potatoes $7.98/lb.
String Bean Casserole (3lb. Average) $20.98
Steamed Mixed Vegetables $6.98/lb.
Sweet Potato Casserole (4lb. Average) $20.98
On The Side
Hummus $8.95/lb.
Candied Yams $5.98/lb.
Homemade Coleslaw $4.50/lb.
Homemade Knish $3.95
Chopped Liver $10.98/lb.
Traditional Stuffing $6.98/lb.
Cranberry Compote $7.98/lb.
Mini Potato Pancakes $7.95/dz.
Turkey Gravy $7.98/qt.


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Sat - Sun: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm


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